Ventilation Control System

Ventilation Control System

*Economical whole-home ventilation*

Ventilation Control System

*Designed to work with your furnace or air handler, a Ventilation Control System has automated controls that make it easy to improve the quality of your home’s air. It gives you a way to bring in fresher air from outside, while making sure it’s not too humid, hot or cold.*

Features and Benefits

Energy Efficiency

  • 24-hour timer helps reduce energy costs

Home Comfort

  • Automatic monitoring of outdoor temperature and indoor humidity makes sure the air coming into your home is not too humid, hot or cold
  • Motorized damper controls the amount of outdoor air entering your home, never allowing more than what’s needed
  • User controls allow you to manage air exchange and circulation based on your individual needs

Reliable Performance

  • Compatible with any forced-air system
  • Industry compliance—meets ASHRAE* 62.2003 residential ventilation standard


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