Elite Series®: EL195E: Gas Furnace

Elite Series®: EL195E: Gas Furnace

*Single- Stage Furnace with Power Saver™ Technology*

EL195E Gas Furnace

*The EL195E’s Power Saver™ Constant Torque motor is up to 33% more efficient than standard single-stage motors and up to 200% more efficient in constant fan mode.*

Features & Benefits

  • Energy Efficiency:
    • Efficiency rating of 95% AFUE: Can save you hundreds of dollars each year*, compared to standard furnaces
    • Power Saver™ motor: Operates at constant torque to help maintain consistent air flow.
    • Power Saver technology: Not only provides energy boost capabilities improving the overall system efficiency, similar to a variable speed furnace, but also delivers higher SEER ratings in cooling mode. In continuous fan mode, this technology helps keep energy waste at a minimum.
    • Sealed blower compartment: Minimizes losses and maximizes efficiency and comfort. Less than 1% leakage at 1.0″ ESP
    • Dual-fuel capability: Can be combined with an electric heat pump to enhance comfort and fuel efficiency by alternating between electric and gas heat, optimizing energy use and minimizing heating costs.
  • Quiet Operation
    • Fully insulated cabinet: Ensures quiet, efficient operation
    • Secondary heat exchanger: Allows the furnace to achieve high efficiency levels by capturing additional heat
  • Home Comfort
    • Low- Speed Fan: Provides a consistent, continuous flow of warm air
    • Secondary Heat Exchanger: Allows the furnace to achieve high efficiency levels by capturing additional heat
  • Reliable Performance
    • Duralok Plus™ heat exchanger: Made of patented ArmorTuf™ steel to ensure high reliability and efficiency
    • SureLight® igniter: Silicone nitride construction ensures long product life and reliable operation
    • SureLight control board: Direct-readout diagnostics allow simple, quick troubleshooting


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